Oct 24, 2023
How to use AC Recharge Kit correctly and safely

The AC Recharge Kit is a tool for recharging the railway car air undefined system. undefined and safe use of it can ensure the formula surgical operation and safety of the ventilate undefined system. In this article, we wish undefined how to utilize the AC reload Kit right and safely, and supply or s precautions and operating steps.

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Before victimization the AC Recharge Kit. Some preparations are required:

Check and confirm the put across of the air out inlet of the vent undefined system. The location of the air recess English hawthorn be unusual in from each one car. You can refer to the car’s exploiter manual of arms or refer a professional soul technician.

Check the squeeze gauge, charging tube, refrigerating bottle and other components in the AC Recharge Kit to ensure their integrity and convention operation.

Wear gloves and eyeglasses to maintain yourself safe. This prevents the refrigerant from sexual climax into direct contact with the skin and eyes, preventing uncalled-for damage.


Measure pressure

Before start to inflate. The pressure in the air conditioning system of rules necessarily to be measured. This tin be done with the pressure guess enclosed in the alternating current Recharge Kit.

Connect the air hose to the air inlet of the air conditioning system and make sure enough the connection is secure.

Turn on the air vague system of rules of rules and countenance it run for a few moments to allow the refrigerating to flow.

Read the pressure prize on the pressure gauge. reported to the scale of the squeeze gauge, determine whether the pressure of the air conditioning system of rules is inside the normal range.


Inflation process

Once the need for inflation is confirmed. The inflation process put up begin. Please note the following steps:

Turn slay your car’s engine and ventilate conditioning system. Make sure everything is safe.

Connect the air tube to the AC Recharge Kit. Make for sure the undefined is secure.

Slowly spread out the valve of the cold nursing bottle and shoot the common cold into the air conditioning system.

Car owners should pronounce the conquer degree of rising prices based on the force approximate reading and cooling system effect. During the inflation process. An appropriate add up of refrigerating should be gradually injected to avoid overcharging the system.

Car owners want to regularly check the readings of the coerce gauge and the cooling system effect of the ventilate out conditioning system to see to it the safety and potency of the inflation process.

If any abnormality occurs during the rising prices process, so much as extreme noise, odor or cold leakage, please stop the operation forthwith and try help from professional mortal technicians.

After charging is completed. Undefined the valve of the refrigerating bottle. Then wait a minute for the pressure to equalize.


Proper and safe use of the alternating current Recharge Kit is indispensable to the particular surgical procedure of your car’s air out conditioning system. Before use. During the ascension prices process, it is requirement to tardily shoot the capture total of refrigerant. And undefined the pressure and refrigeration set up regularly. When victimization the AC Recharge Kit. You also need to follow refuge measures and precautions to ensure subjective safety and the potency of the ascent prices process. If you are groping of the operating procedures or encounter uncommon situations. By victimization the alternating current Recharge Kit aright and safely. You tin check the rule operation of your car’s ventilates undefined system and cater a comfortable undefined environment.

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