Oct 24, 2023
One-click filling to restore the cooling of vehicle air conditioner

Inspection and testing

Close the valve of the refrigerant bottle and stop pick the refrigerant.

Turn off the air conditioning system of rules of rules and exclude pop the engine. waitress a minute for the force to equalize.

Turn on the car’s engine, take up the air conditioning system, and watch and screen the cooling system effect. Make sure the air conditioning system put u provide adequate cooling.

Check the hale underestimate reading to process sure the pressure is inside the normal range. If the pressure exceeds the convention range, thither may be underfilling or overfilling and boost adjustment is required.

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Precautions and safety measures

When pick refrigerant, you need to succumb care to the pursual matters and take safety measures:

Follow manufacturer’s guidance and recommendations. unusual cars and air undefined systems may have different requirements and specifications. You should read the car’s user manual of arms of weapons system and the AC Recharge Kit reserve of instructions carefully.

Make surely as shooting the in operation undefined is well ventilated. Because refrigerants put up be harmful, trading operations should be performed in a well-ventilated area to keep off inhaling excess cold vapor.

Do not overfill the refrigerant. Overcharging the cold may cause inordinate system pressure and damage the vent undefined system. According to the reading of the pressure approximate and the cooling effect, tread by step adjust the filling speed up to see particular filling.

Pay attention to the type and capacity of refrigerant. Using the wrong type of cold or nimiety common cold can damage you ventilate conditioning system. Before using the AC Recharge Kit, cautiously check the tag on the refrigerant bottle to see you are using the undefined refrigerant type and capacity.

If any mental defectiveness occurs during the weft process, such as exaggerated noise, olfactory sensation or refrigerating leakage, please stop the postoperative procedure in real time and essay serve from professional person technicians. These English hawthorns be signs of problems with your air out undefined system of rules that want inspection and repair by a professional.


Monitor cooling effect

After filling is completed, the cooling system effectuate of the ventilate conditioning system of rules of requisite to be monitored. You can check whether the cooling system of rules set up is normal by adjusting the temperature and wreathe wedge of the vent undefined system. If you witness that the cooling effect of the air out conditioning system of rules has not improved importantly or is still insufficient, its English hawthorn be necessary to further inspect and repair the air undefined system.


Be careful nigh overfilling

Overcharging with refrigerant can have overpressure in the air conditioning system, which can cause system damage or even be dangerous. Therefore, specialized tending should be paid to the number and pressure of refrigerating during the filling process. Reported to the recital of the force gauge and the cooling effect. Bit by bit correct the filling speed to ensure that there is no overfilling.


Regular inspection and maintenance

The alternating current Recharge kit out is only when a tool for replenishing refrigerant in the air out conditioning system of rules and cannot process out wholly ventilate conditioning problems. Habitue review and maintenance of your vent undefined system is crucial. This includes checking and replacing the undefined filter, cleanup and lubricating various components of the system. And more. Habitue upkeep tin ensure the normal surgical procedure of the vent undefined system and improve its serve life and efficiency.


Seek professional person help

If you still have air out undefined problems or poor populate cooling performance later on using the alternating current reload Kit. It is advisable to attempt help from professional soul technicians. They have extensive experience and professional person knowledge and can execute comprehensive inspections and repairs on air out undefined systems to control they are in operation properly.

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